Our Covid-19 Response


It’s Time 2 Bounce Event Rentals remains open and operating during the Covid-19 pandemic, While we were forced to briefly close due to State and local mandates, We have reopened our Nashville Area Event Rentals with increased safety protocols that align with the guidelines of the CDC. It’s Time 2 Bounce has always had a reputation for safe and clean event rental equipment that exceeded all required Governmental recommendations, so the increased cleaning and sanitizing protocols recommended by the CDC required little additional training and reinforcing for our staff. We have added some additional policies for our Nashville Inflatable Rentals to insure compliance with mandates. Please review our changes below.


Our Commitment to Safety during the Pandemic:

Limiting Inflatable Rentals

As a commitment to keeping our Nashville Inflatable Rentals safe for all during the pandemic, It’s Time 2 Bounce has instituted additional policies controlling all of our Event Rental Items.

We have instituted the following additional safety measures for rentals:

  • No Back To Back booking of units
  • All Inflatable rentals must have 72 Hrs. between rentals
  • No extended rental periods
  • No overnight rentals
  • Increased Cleaning Procedures

It’s Time 2 Bounce Employee Bryan cleaning one of our Nashville Combo Bounce House Rentals.

Bounce House Cleaning Nashville TN

Nashville Bounce House Rental Cleaning

It’s Time 2 Bounce Event Rentals has always provided clean and sanitized Bounce House Rentals in Nashville since 2010. All of our Inflatable Rentals in Nashville have always undergone a 3 step cleaning process that has included vacuuming, cleaning, and then sanitizing prior to their next rental. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have gone to the following cleaning process for ALL our Nashville Event Rentals:

  • Vacuuming all Rental items
  • Cleaning all Rental Items with approved Viral Cleaners 
  • Sanitizing all Rental Items with CDC approved and human safe virucide
  • Utilize UV-C lights on all surface areas 
  • Allow all Rental Items to be setup and exposed to sunlight for additional drying time

It’s Time 2 Bounce Event Rentals Employee Brayden Cleaning one of our Bounce House Rentals in Nashville.

Cleaning a Nashville Bounce House Rental


All of It’s Time 2 Bounce Nashville Party Rentals go through enhanced quality control measures to insure that all cleaning steps were followed according to guidelines, and that the rental item is ready to be rented. Each Nashville Event Rental Item is required to be inspected by a Supervisor upon cleaning being completed. The Supervisor is required to inspect all areas of the rental item, and sign off on the completion.

It’s Time 2 Bounce Event Rentals Employee Joe vacuuming a Nashville Bounce House Rental