How Nashville’s Best Event Rental Company Started:

In 2010, while looking for a way to occupy his newly retired time Don stumbled upon the idea of operating an inflatable rental business. Thinking this was a “pretty cool” business and seemed easy ( Completely WRONG thought) enough, Don approached his then High School aged Son, DJ, about starting a FAMILY business together.

Both Father and Son embarked on a year long journey of education and preparation, Learning the laws and regulations of the event rental business, training, and visiting manufacturers of inflatables. After many hours of education, the business was ready to open the doors to the public in 2011. 

The Family Business was started with the following guiding principles:

  • To provide top notch customer service
  • Provide safe, clean event rental items at all times
  • Always have at least 1 Family member at every rental setup/pickup
  • never stop re-inventing
  • Most importantly to always always have FUN!

Since our first “public rental” in 2011, It’s Time 2 Bounce Event Rentals has continued to live by our founding principles. We make a strong re-commitment every year to these principles, and very easily forsake profit to maintain them. 

We as a Father/Son Duo are proud of our growth in the number of rentals and the number of Family members involved in the business. While you will always have Don or DJ arrive at your event, it is not uncommon to see them also accompanied by other Family members, including Grandchildren, to deliver or pickup your event rental items.

Don Dudich

CEO/ Director of Administration
As founder of Greater Nashville's best event rental company, Don spends much of his time working on the business. Whether he is answering phones, responding to customer quote requests, cleaning rental items, repairing equipment or thinking of new and exciting rental items to offer, you will always find Don "Hands-on" with the business. In fact, Don works with his own crew making deliveries and pickups of our rental items.

DJ Dudich

Director of Operations
As the Director of Operations, DJ is responsible for the daily smooth operation of the rental company. DJ's duties are many and include meeting with clients, planning events, creating art work, maintaining our web site and social media presence, planning the logistical events, along with being a crew member at your event.


Chief Product Tester Inflatable Division
Responsible for the testing of all possible new children inflatables for our rental fleet. Prior to any new child inflatable purchase, Oliver gives each one a thorough testing to ensure that they are safe for you and your guests. Oliver is also responsible for helping to maintain our warehouse, appear in advertisements, and is known to be on inflatable pickups helping his "Pop-Pop" deflate and roll units.

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